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When new life emerges
and blossoms abound
the crisp leaves the air
with warmth of the ground
Come birds and the worms
the gnats and the bees
long summers drag on…
then the  falling of leaves
Cold… wind driven storms
with icicle’s and chill
four seasons all pass
as our world is not still

© ~RRS, ~Outdoors2

Artwork by…Kuryosity


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No shade, no shine, no butterflies,
no bees
No fruit, no flowers, no leaves,
no birds! — No-vember!

-Thomas Hood (1799-1845)

Thoughts for you

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Just a note to say hello
so long since we’ve met
just a smile and a thought
Thinking of you…… yet

Hope to find you in the breeze
and floating with your will
Happy as the days go by
Thinking of you…… still

Wishing all the best for you
your wonder as you hear
all there is around you now
Thinking of you……near

Listening for your voice
how your words might sound
eyes and ears are open now
Thinking of you……found

© ~RRS ~Outdoors2

This Is Halloween, Marilyn Manson

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Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree.

–Emily Brontë (1818-48)


Excited Calm

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Day begins on frosted blades,
from under with quiet shatter.
Stealth’s required near you now,
tis all that seems to matter.

Calmness of the dawns encase,
is deafening to my soul.
Without your scent to fill the air,
all senses take control.

Treading forth, but gracefully
on edge to judge our distance.
Peaks aware of all sensation
holding aft, with all resistance.

Your silhouette is all thats cast,
so entwined in amber hue.
This quest unfolds in wonder now,
as I behold, the beauty in you.

©~RRS, ~Outdoors2


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