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Saddles Sore

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I’d let you go.
untouched unseen
Faded dull,
became your sheen

With lack of heed
your jeweled patine
by envies course

We shared this view
As longed for each
To blush
again so soon

To strip you down
with oiled scents
callous hands
massaged back

Though done before
caressed and buffed
once more
to all your splendor

We’ll let them know
We share this
By winning
First in show

~Outdoors2 5/08


Over You

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2 Years


Art by… Brian Duey

Six Word Story

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With out You
We are Not

Not, Just a Field

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Not, Just a Field

Just a field that most will see
so much more than grass for free
Just some blades they may view
gentle sways of graceful you
Just stalks grown withered and dry
ag-ed strength longs sprig and spry
Just some fodder filling space
curves of smiles, wave ‘cross your place
Just laying matted without care
the tangled look that draws me here
Just stored seed cased in it’s shell
this field of dreams will cast it’s spell
It’s Just a field that most will see
It’s Just much more than that to Me

It’s Just a field that most will see

~RRS, Outdoors2 2/08

Bowl full of roses

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A Bowl full of Roses

Pink brings gentle meaning
to Lavender’s ‘magination
Yellow is the base for
Orange’s inflamation
White’s the One, it’s Pure
But Red is…
Love for Sure

© ~RRS, ~Outdoors2


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My Strings will Sing

a forever whine
untill we meet
in forever time

© ~RRS




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Feeling Whispers’ Touch

as You do
so quietly

Loving You so Much
reaches deep
inside of Me

Stroking Souls as Such
like a feather
touches We

Longing Embraces Clutch
never to be
set Free



© ~ RRS, Outdoors2