I love.. to be Outdoors2, Out on another Adventure, You Coming or Just Gonna Sit There ?

I am a Omnivore! So….There will be mention of Hunting, Fishing and Eating my Harvests, amongst my pages ( I LOVE TO COOK ). I do not mean to offend anyone and I hope no offense is taken. These pages contain my thoughts as I perceive them! I stand behind “OUR” Government 109.99999%! Whether I like it or not! we elect it, we change it, I am a Soldier, A PATRIOT! “I love “my” country! You don’t like it? Leave it! Try, let’s see,Somolia, Angola, anywhere you chose for a while! Please don’t try to engage me in a Political or Religious conversation. I will not respond. I just want to give “my” views. I am here for another reason. LIFE! My name is ROY yours ISN’T, so…. we will have different opinions. Enjoy the trek and remember to get:


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Your site is cool, i love your music and your text.

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