Chili ’s not made with all measures of which,
But dashes of that and handfuls of this.
Big chunks of onion and plenty of sauce,
Squeezed to extract and steeped in the rue
Tomatoes chopped up and and pushed in to stew
Add cumin not spooned but shook with a shake
The most cayenne also that your stomach can take
The mushrooms are thrown from the woods to the pot
Just a half jig of ‘basco, to get her plenty hot
So slice up the sausage and grind up beef too
This brew will be ready in an hour or two
Still the true test will come as it sits and melds sin
Tomorrow’s guarantee? You’ll have to stay in…;P


6 Responses to “FIRE BREWED”

  1. Your place or mine? hehe

    You make me hungry there O. Really hungry.

  2. Have Skillet will travel JC haha…hmm?

  3. Tell me you deliver!!

    If this is what you do when your laptop’s on the fritz, I’d let the thing stay in pieces all over the pool table. Mushrooms from the woods to the pot, oh yeah…

  4. Shhh… I didn’t want to say where the ‘beef’ came from, I’d have complaints from PETA flooding in. I don’t think Homeland Security would allow me past the gates with this volatile concoction, Rachel…)

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Rabbi!!!

  6. Sorry Rabbi
    This was written for a chili challenge on another site, Brought on buy the notion of no measurements and reaching perfection with just ad libbing ingredients.

    Thanks for visiting…

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