From Where ?

Been There !

I’m from the oceans
or is it the seas
could be the valleys
a deep side of me

I’m scattered on plains
cast far across rows
or is it the prairie
where my soul blows

I’m born out of springs
trickled from earth
might be the rivers
which I am birthed

I’m an ort of granite
from mountain so wide
but soft as the magma
deep down inside

I’m bayous and swamps
a quag to be mired
stalled to a halt
mossed beauty admired

I’m wherever You are
You’re one in the same
whoever you are
whatever Your name

Care not where
nor what you were then
Who you are now
means more than you’ve been

~ RRS ~ Outdoors2 4/08

6 Responses to “From Where ?”

  1. poetswhoblog Says:

    You will be one of the featured poets this week at Poets Who Blog.

  2. Beautifully proving once again that “it’s not where you live, it’s what lives in you.” Thanks, Roy.

  3. …and realizing the greener pastures have always been there, But not till after we mow away the roughage, Can we enjoy them.
    Thanks, Rachel

  4. Kindnessinheart Says:

    I think that this poem is absolutly beautiful. I would like to use it in my poetry Anthology for school (as my poem of choice), but only if I have your permission.

  5. Of course you have my permission. Quite an honor that I had never expected. I’m flattered that you would find, it so worthy a choice.

  6. Beautifully proving once again that “If you put it out there, they will come…” yayroy!

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