Winter doldrums


It was there on the carousel when it was ready to start
but the switchman had to leave and she jumped out of sight
I sat on my pony and waited till dark
I was all by my self only one in the park

She never came back and I thank as I sat
Wondering where I could find the golden ring at
It hadn’t come round for a day and a half
as I sat on my pony still trying to laugh

I sit and I wait for the gears to engage
its that ring on the hook I so wanted to hold
But the park has been closed now for a month and a day
So i just sit where I sat waiting for someone to play

~RRS, Outdoors2 2/08

4 Responses to “Winter doldrums”

  1. Well who knew? lol. This was absolutely lovely my dear friend. You keep a good secret. Bravo.

  2. I love that picture. I think I’m stealing it. Excellent poem, too; seriously impressive.

  3. It’s a keeper!! Beautiful poem buddy. ;)

  4. No secrets …V..;)
    RC.. I borrowed it so you too can…
    Thanks, Fran..xo

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