Excited Calm

Day begins on frosted blades,
from under with quiet shatter.
Stealth’s required near you now,
tis all that seems to matter.

Calmness of the dawns encase,
is deafening to my soul.
Without your scent to fill the air,
all senses take control.

Treading forth, but gracefully
on edge to judge our distance.
Peaks aware of all sensation
holding aft, with all resistance.

Your silhouette is all thats cast,
so entwined in amber hue.
This quest unfolds in wonder now,
as I behold, the beauty in you.

©~RRS, ~Outdoors2


2 Responses to “Excited Calm”

  1. philosophyoflife Says:

    A poem so beautifully written and with such meaning – one feels as if one is outdoors to experience such joys.

  2. Thank You, I tried to capture the essence of a crisp fall morning afield and the true beauty of observation.

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